Re: [CODE] A small patch to Peter Ajamian's multi-exit code

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/27/00

Adam Scriven wrote:
> I installed Peter Ajamian's wonderful multi-exit code,

::grins::, why thank you ;-)

> but it omits one thing.
> When you type "look <direction>", it works OK for everything but IN,

Ahh yes, I encountered the same problem myself a while after patching it
to my own MUD.  I must've forgotten to include it in the snippet.
Anyways, I won't bother to post my solution because it is almost
identical to the one you came up with.  Great work and thanks!

> So here's the minor change that I made:
> In act.informative.c, in the function do_look, look for:
>     else if (is_abbrev(arg, "in"))
>       look_in_obj(ch, arg2);
> and change it to:
>     else if ((is_abbrev(arg, "in")) && (*arg2))
>       look_in_obj(ch, arg2);
> What this little piece of code does is look for the existance of a 2nd
> argument (bag, sack, crate, whatever) and if that exists, "look into" it.
> But if it doesn't exist, it gets passed onto the next section of code, which
> is the "look <direction>" code.

Regards, Peter

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