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From: Allen J Beers (
Date: 10/31/00

I would like to send a message to my player stating he has become visible
When he removes an object with an invisible flag set on it.  Also send a
Message when he wears an object with a invisible flag set on it.  I
Know I can check for the flag on the player, but when I do that and he
Removes the object everything is fine until he removes another and the
Repeats.  My question is can an object be tested for the flag so only
When that certain object is removed or worn the message is sent.
 I haved tried variations
Of structures found defined in utils.h but donít seam to be able
To put the proper one together..  If someone would like to point out
Where in the code or what to search for in the archieves I would be very
Be very grateful.


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