Re: [CODE] room parser

From: Warren Robbins (
Date: 11/01/00

Quoting Sean Holt-Carden <mordist@HOME.COM>:
> Hello,
>     I know i'll get some flames about this one
> but i'll ask anyways...

Should make sure it's not blatantly obvious--it wasn't
too extremely easy to find.  It's not really named
well, but it's there.

> A couple of months ago I found a "room parser"
> somewhere, which I
> thought
> was the CircleMUD snippet site but I can't find
> it anymore. The snippet
> made
> it so you could add variables to the room
> description and depending on
> the
> result of the variable would display a different
> description. I.E. :


Allows run-time manipulation of strings which
could be applied for changing room descriptions.

Information about string_parser.tar.gz

That's what you were looking for.  BTW, some people may
say that the list isn't the place to go for "can
somebody find this patch" type questions.  I don't know
whether that's true or false.  :P

(hears the sound of a forehead being slapped somewhere
in the distance)

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