From: Chris Hamilton (
Date: 11/01/00

> I am wondering if any snips are available that wouldn't allow a person to
> see a name unless they had be introduced to another character. I would
> for them to see

I'm no expert by far... but it seems to me that in order for this to work
you would have to somehow (somewhere) keep track of EVERY
person that a user has ever encountered...  Perhaps this could be
stored at the end of the player file, but each player would have
to have some unique number assigned to them or something
because lets assume a person is named Aragorn and has met the
user, if Aragorn deletes his char and someone else in the future
uses this name it will be assumed that the new Aragorn is
automatically known because the name is the same.  So maybe
a new field could be added to the player structure with an
identifying number and appended to the end of each player
file could be all the identifying numbers that the player had
ever "met" (seen?  or do they have to "introduce" themselves
somehow?).  These are just my ramblings and I have no
basis to say if any of this would work or is even logical, I'm
just rambling to the list to get some feedback for the original

For the record, I think it would be awesome if this could be
implemented because it would make the game so much more
realistic.  If anyone has implemented this already (and probably
using a better method than I describe) then I'm sorry for wasting
the list's time with this e-mail.

-Chris Hamilton

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