From: Lewis, Jason (
Date: 11/01/00

okay let me clear up some of the questions I have received.

Each character would have a "character database" at the end of thier pfile
to hold this information. There would also be a command, database
<add/list/remove> that would either add someone to your database or list all
people in your database or delete members from it.

A person would either have to be introduced by a third person who already
knows them i.e introduce Saethyr hrothgar would add saethyr to hrothgars
database and hrothgar to saethyrs. Or the second way is like such. A male
elf with green eyes says ' I am Solath Emrys of such and such. the character
in turn types database add solath and viola' they are added.

Third I see what your saying about the number thing, mayhaps you could setup
a numbering system for all new characters that would start when they were
created and increase exponetially(sp) and then this could use that number so
that it didn't happen the way you said. I am planning on doing the evil
though that once a name has been used it cannot be used again unless the
person wants to remake then it will be a drawn out process of me manually
removing it from the list.

Jason Lewis

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