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Date: 11/01/00

> > I am wondering if any snips are available that wouldn't allow a
> person to
> > see a name unless they had be introduced to another character. I would
> like
> > for them to see
> I'm no expert by far... but it seems to me that in order for this to work
> you would have to somehow (somewhere) keep track of EVERY
> person that a user has ever encountered...  Perhaps this could be
> stored at the end of the player file, but each player would have
> to have some unique number assigned to them or something
> because lets assume a person is named Aragorn and has met the
> user, if Aragorn deletes his char and someone else in the future
> uses this name it will be assumed that the new Aragorn is
> automatically known because the name is the same.  So maybe
> a new field could be added to the player structure with an
> identifying number and appended to the end of each player
> file could be all the identifying numbers that the player had
> ever "met" (seen?  or do they have to "introduce" themselves
> somehow?).  These are just my ramblings and I have no
> basis to say if any of this would work or is even logical, I'm
> just rambling to the list to get some feedback for the original
> question.
> For the record, I think it would be awesome if this could be
> implemented because it would make the game so much more
> realistic.  If anyone has implemented this already (and probably
> using a better method than I describe) then I'm sorry for wasting
> the list's time with this e-mail.
> -Chris Hamilton
pnum, good idea! An additional feature that could be developed for such a
system would be characters "describing" or "introducing" someone to
characters that someone hasn't met:

Bob meets Mary,
Mary meets Joe,
Mary describes Bob to Joe,
Joe is now familiar with Bob even though he never met him.

Get it?

I hope this is available, if not, I'd love to help code it...
Not that I'm that good.


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