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Date: 11/01/00

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Lars Jensen wrote:

> I am trying to make a delay system for spells and skills. When You use
> WAIT_STATE(ch, PULSE_VIOLENCE) it just add up the times to be used. I
> want it to be like use skill, then a
> short delay and then being executed. If the player tries to use the
> skill, while in the delay state
> a message should appear like "your not that fast" or something like
> that.

First things first: You need a real subject on your message. The subject
of "[CODE][NEWBIE?]" is not descriptive. For one, there was no code in the
message, and it does not describe what the message is all about. Something
like "[NEWBIE?] Spell casting delays" would be appropriate.

Anyway.... You need something like what DGEvents provides. I've not used
them myself, but others here have. I would suggest looking on the Ceramic
Mouse ( and look for them there. They may
be bundled with DGScripts, but I'm not sure.

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