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Date: 11/01/00

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Greet -- or introduction code -- is discussed somewhat
often on this list; or at least, it's come up quite a
few times that I can remember.

Most people who implement the system seem to "port" a
patch that exists for ROM MUDs, which means you need to
be really familiar with your code to be able to do it.

There are is an 'idnum' field in character data that
gives everybody a unique identifier for internal code
stuff.  The system for ROM that I mentioned above uses
this same number, and simply creates an array that is

Note that when I implemented this, I was using ASCII
pfiles, so creating a grow-able array was not a big
deal.  With binary pfiles, you are limited to the
number of entries.

The process of introduction worked as follows:
Player A enters a room, where Player B (who he does not
know) already is.

Player A types "greet elf", where elf is some kind of
characteristic that the first player can identify him
by.  This part is in the ROM code.

Player B now knows Player A is "Bob"

Player B can then "greet Bob", and now Player A knows
that Player B's name is "Arnold".

Bob and Arnold now know each other.

That last part seems like it would be something you'd
implement yourself, you want to make it seem very RP,
and that usually is the goal of introduction code.
Realize that the "back-end" half of it is out there
(start looking!  I don't know a direct link--I found it
through mudconnector at some point), but for the
specific details you want, you'll have to customize
that yourself; just like most other things.


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