From: Chris Hamilton (
Date: 11/01/00

> You mean like this?  From structs.h:
> struct char_special_data_saved {
>    int  alignment;              /* +-1000 for alignments                */
>    long idnum;                  /* player's idnum; -1 for mobiles       */
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^
> Ever stat a player?


Well now... don't I just feel like a jackass?  Sorry about that,
like I said in the e-mail, I was just mindlessly rambling.  Truth
be told, I barely putz around with the MUD itself being that
I don't have a server to start setting one up on yet (nor the time
to completely devote to it).  I am on the list just to get ideas for
my future undertaking (and to put in my two cents in here and
there).  Oh well, now I'll crawl back into my hole.

-Chris Hamilton

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