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Date: 11/02/00

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Lewis, Jason wrote:

> person wants to remake then it will be a drawn out process of me manually
> removing it from the list.
Great idea and not completely impossible, though, I imagine having a
player-knows-player array could be quite hard on a big mud, memorywise.

Currently I'm doing some job of getting the mud turned over into SQL, so
far I've managed to get The player struct, Skills and spells, OLC-rights
over into SQL. this means that by a single select I can figure out if the
player has OLCright for a zone, thus eliminating any "limit" a player may
have due to Arraysizes.

Take the spell/skill array (which as far as I can read more or less the
same) as example. It takes up X*spell/skills of bytes, Sure that isn't
that much pr. Player, but in all it becomes quite a number of bytes. So in
our new version of the mud, Spells/Skills is no longer a part of the
player struct, instead a single select is made every time a player
accesses a spell. Speed? I haven't noted any downgrade, And that's with
around 60 players online Casting a spell simultaneous. (Running on a
450Mhz Psomething)

Babbeling again I am.. :) But the point was that with some sort of Backend
database this should be possible. Instead of having it in the playerfile,
have it like the player-object files, or player-aliases, imho.. ;-)


Sir Alec Guinness
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