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Date: 11/02/00

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From: George Greer <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>
>Spell arguments.
>December 1st, 1997
>That's my old patch archive page from circa bpl11 days.  Most of the
>important ones should already be merged into CircleMUD but you're free to
>poke at:
>if you feel so inclined. It's only of historical interest now.  I should
>really move that to my personal directory but whatever...
>George Greer

Just responding to the "should already be merged into" comment.

Actually, this was not in the stock bpl17, and this is a GREAT alteration to
the system. It fixes the locate object and makes so many other things
possible.  If anything, I'd request that it get moved into the more recent
directories of hte ftp site so that it's easier to find ;)


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