[SYSTEM] [NEWBIE] oh boy, i made a boo boo

From: Kyle Hopkins (kylehop@email.com)
Date: 11/02/00

Ok, well I downloaded the cricelmud code and am all ready to get my host and
set it up so that peeps can start to play my mud right? well I didn't have a
program on my computer atm that let me see .c files so i decided to open
them using wordpad so that I could look at the code and maybe start to edit
it. Well now I got the program to read .c programs from my friend so I
delited the folder that had all the stuff in it and re-unzipped it but all
the .c files were still being viewed with wordpad. I can't seem to figure
out a way to get them to be opened using my C++ program... am I totally
screwed here or does it matter that the files are viewed in wordpad? will
the changes i make using wordpad still affect the code? can I change this?
please help me out here, I feel really silly about this.


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