Saving Room & Zone Data To PLR Files

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 11/04/00

   Playing around in another realm, there has been a lot of talk about
where players have been, if they have done it all, and things along
those lines.  Being a non-pk realm, players at the max level have little
else to do than explore.  But it runs dry after awhile as well.  Saving
zone vnum's that a player has been in, I believe, is already something
this realm does.  What about taking it a step further?  What about

   The first problem I see with this is the space issue of player
files.  So as not to add a ton of information to every player file, one
could code it so that it only saved this info after reaching max level.
Then comes the second part.  The time taken, the system push, to go
through a player file, searching for every room, adding rooms they have
been in.  This I think, is the killer of the idea.


 Lord Kyu 

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