[CODE][ROLEMASTER] Anyone interested in discussing how circle could be made to use RM rules?

From: Snaga (snaga@mail.thewolvesden.net)
Date: 11/04/00

I was wondering if anyone on the list who knows the Rolemaster
system would like to discuss (offlist) methods of converting
the current CircleMUD system to use Rolemaster rules.

I have so far only institued RM type stats, and have a roller.
My next effort is going to involve making a stat array that
will have bonuses and development points.  That should be VERY
easy.  The only reason i haven't started ityet is because the
next thing has me stumped.

At any rate, since most of the list is prolly dungeons and dragons
inclined i won't discuss it here, but i'm looking to discuss issues
involving rolemaster with anyone who has rolemaster knowledge, and
coding knowledge.

If multiple people are interested i can set up a seperate rolemaster
list through egroups.

BTW i'm not looking to round up people to solve my coding problems,
just people who might be interested in seeing this happen (I will
prolly release it to the general community if/when i finish) and who
might like to have a hand in a purely academic project.

Thanks in advance


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