Re: [Multi-attack obscure error]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/05/00

> > In an attempt to implement multiple attack skills (second attack, third
> > attack...sixth attack) I edited perform_violence() near the call to hit()
> Man. Is this in the FAQ yet? Should be. You're killing your victim with
> attach X and then trying to hit him with attach X+1. The game doesn't like
> the fact that you're trying to kill a dead person. Check the archives for
> a solution.

        To further expand on this; when things die, the memory associated
with them is freed; then, you try to do anything to that freed memory
(check AC, remove/add hit points, etc), you will get random results
(usually a crash).

        Just exit the attack loop if you see that someone's killed.


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