[Multi-attack obscure error]

From: RJ Bean (naeis@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/05/00

In an attempt to implement multiple attack skills (second attack, third
attack...sixth attack) I edited perform_violence() near the call to hit()
and put some nested if statements along the lines of if you got second
attack, then hit, if third attack, then hit, etc...  I compiled it with no
errors and it runs fine for like about 3 or 4 rounds of combat.  Then the
mud goes kablooie, crashes down and stuff.  It may have something to do with
the victim going to pos_mortally wounded b/c half the time it crashes when
the next round starts after the vict has been mort wounded.  MSVC 6.0 offers
to debug the .exe file when an error occurs.  It brought me to the first
line of the sanity check in hit() where it says:
  if ((ch->in_room) != (victim->in_room)) {
    if ((FIGHTING(ch)) && (FIGHTING(ch)) == (victim))

It's pretty vague about what went wrong
but I believe that in_room's value was like deinitialized or destroyed or
something.  How?  I haven't the foggiest...  Anybody have any sort of
trouble like this before?

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