Re: [Multi-attack obscure error]

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 11/06/00

On Mon, 06 November 2000, RJ Bean wrote:

> In an attempt to implement multiple attack skills (second attack, third
> attack...sixth attack) I edited perform_violence() near the call to hit()
> and put some nested if statements along the lines of if you got second
> attack, then hit, if third attack, then hit, etc...  I compiled it with no
> errors and it runs fine for like about 3 or 4 rounds of combat.  Then the
> mud goes kablooie, crashes down and stuff.
>           Baffled,
>               Naeis

Change to if you've got second attack, and FIGHTING(ch)
when your opponant dies, it calls stop_fighting, so if your opponant is dead, FIGHTING(ch) will be null.

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