Re: OLC Redit Fix

From: Brandon Bennett (
Date: 11/07/00

On 11/7/2000 2:46 PM, George Greer <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG> wrote:

>No one took the bait and I don't want to see 5 messages/day complaining
>about it crashing again.  That's the reason I started working on
>it in the
>first place.  So, until someone (I know there was one person who
>interested) wants to take it completely over, I'll throw little bug
>in every now and then.

I Was the one the expressed intrest in taking over the OasisOLC apon my sholders.  Alrhough I can still do this I would like to see OasisOLC  become more group project.  I belive in doing so we can form Oasis to become more like the demanding CircleMud developers are looking for.  I am very interested in getting this project back on its feet and fixing and adding more bugs to it :P.

Also if no-one expresses any interest in this at all I will be happy and willing to officially take over the OasisOLC.  (Although my server I was working on went down and I have no developing system.  If any one has old computer parts that they are not using anymore and care to donate them to a greater cause please contact me!)  So please email me with conserns and comments.  I would like to hear what others are thinking about this subject.

Brandon aka Nemith

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