Re: [CODE] Snippets vs. patches

From: Caniffe (
Date: 11/08/00

IMHO, snippets especially are invaluable to CircleMUD and its followers.
CircleMUD I believe is by far one of the more newbie-friendly codebases
around; hell, I dived into CircleMUD not knowing a thing about C (and
hey, I still don't...*grin*) and I came out okay, I think.  I think you
can attack CircleMUD in two approaches:

a) C manuals, and other programming experience; or
b) No C coding experience, an understanding of "programming", a genuine
interest in the game, and possessing common sense.  It's not too hard to
say know how bash works as a player, and relate that back to the code.

I think also, that a patch/snippet or whatever submitted to CircleFTP or
the Mouse has its merits, even if it doesn't work for everyone.  It's
creator simply made the effort to share something with the community;
they aren't compelled to through a license, they just _do_.  And I think
that, even though some snippets are "iffy", is the more important point -
people making an effort, which helps the wheels continue to turn...

Julian "Caniffe" Buckley

"`If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught
and shot now.'"

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