wait_state for spells and skills

From: Alex Mann (alex4501@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/08/00


I wish to add a delay function which can be used through out my mud, to
stage the effects of skills, spells, fight messages etc. in standard c this
function is already included 'delay(num of secs);' but this would not work
on a mud because it would stop the whole muc for the specified time. has
anyone done anything like, or has anyone got any ideas how it could be done,
please try to give details or examples.

Just so you know what I mean i will give an example of it's use:

<player> wiggles his fingers mystically

wais for 5 seconds

<Player> Starts to chant out loud

waits 10 secs

<player> dances around his victim

Then the outcome message from messages or the spell.

Ideally this could be coded like this

act(" $n wiggles his fingers mystically",char,0,vict,ch);
act(" $n starts to chant out loud",char,0,vict,ch);
act(" $n starts to dance around his victim",char,0,vict,ch);
send_to_char("You complete the incantation and wait hopefully", ch);

etc etc

Any help appriciated

Alex Mann


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