Re: wait_state for spells and skills

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/08/00

Alex Mann wrote:
> Hi
> I wish to add a delay function which can be used through out my mud, to
> stage the effects of skills, spells, fight messages etc. in standard c this
> function is already included 'delay(num of secs);' but this would not work
> on a mud because it would stop the whole muc for the specified time. has
> anyone done anything like, or has anyone got any ideas how it could be done,
> please try to give details or examples.

Take a look at DG Scripts, it has a system which does something similar
to what you're looking for.  Also there is a built in wait on fighting
commands, it may be worthwhile to look into how that's done.

Regards, Peter

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