Re: help please:)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/08/00

> Hi I'm new to Circlemud admin/codeing and I was wondering how to enable
> manual save in circle30bpl14 every time I type save as admin or player I get
> "Manual saving disabled" I am using bpl14 cause it was the only release I
> could get any race patches to work with so if some one could tell me how to
> fix my current problem I would apreciate it,  I would also like to end the
> cost of rent if any one knows how to do that:)
        I was almost sure rent was in the WTFAQ.  Just find the free_rent
variable in your config file, and change it to "YES".  For the others, if
you must, I believe a call to save_char, and possibly a follow up to
Crash_crashave() will help you out there.


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