Re: [CODE] Snippets vs. patches

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 11/08/00

First, I would like to thank everyone who answered to this topic.
I have to say, I never expected everyone to be as adamant about this
as I felt. My position has been made clear, so I won't go back over it
Second, I never meant to call anyone in particular "lazy", only to
out that the patching method itself is the "easy way out". Again, any
contribution is welcomed and appreciated by myself, even if I don't
implement it directly, I sometimes get ideas from them for my own code.
Third, in response to Patrick Dughi's remarks about newbie coders, I'd
have to say that at one time I was as clueless as they come. I am by no
means a professional at this point, but I believe that I am at least
competent. I still have a lot to learn about coding and a whole lot to
learn about C in general, but I am now able to implement most of my
ideas without outside help. When I first started coding, I found this
mailing list very intimidating. If it weren't for a very good friend
(nudges Caniffe), I would have given up within a few days. When I
discovered CircleMUD's FTP site, it was like hitting the motherlode
for me. Until that point, Julian recieved on average about 3 to 5
emails daily from me (he told me had had to make a new folder to put
all my emails in :-P) concerning newbie questions. Though he encouraged
me to post my questions on this list, I found that most questions were
answered vaguely and were of no help to me. To make a long story
slightly less long, I learned a lot from the snippets at the FTP site.
The patches were of no use to me, and I find them only slightly easier
to understand now. After joining the list, I realized the reason for
the answers being so vague, and I myself often answer newbie questions
vaguely. Mainly because the questions themselves are often vague :P.
:: WHOOO! That was one loooong paragraph! My English teachers would
be so upset at me if they read that :P.


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