Re: Plz help me w/ ascii pfiles

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/11/00

Mechanical Animal wrote:
> btw Shane.. you been a godsen man.
> Anyways.. I like installed ascii pfiles, it all
> compiles good.. but I gotta change 'socklen_t i;' in
> .. umm, db.c I think to 'socklen_t int i;' to get it
> to compile.. (obviously wrong.. but it works) .. but
> soon as its finished making all the src files, it
> tries to (like always) -lcrypt them.. and it fails
> there with an exit error.. 'found 1 exit' or something.
> I don't know whats wrong.. anyways, I tried setting
> the #define of socklen_t in conf.h to 'int' like it
> says but that didn't work either.

Use socklen_t consistently.  The use of int is incorrect and a throwback
to an older version of CircleMUD.  socklen_t should either come directly
from the environment you're compiling on or it should be typedef'd in
conf.h.  If neither is true try deleting config.cache and running
configure again.  If you must typedef socklen_t yourself then use
`typedef int socklen_t'.

Regards, Peter

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