Plz help me w/ ascii pfiles

From: Mechanical Animal (
Date: 11/11/00

btw Shane.. you been a godsen man.

Anyways.. I like installed ascii pfiles, it all
compiles good.. but I gotta change 'socklen_t i;' in
.. umm, db.c I think to 'socklen_t int i;' to get it
to compile.. (obviously wrong.. but it works) .. but
soon as its finished making all the src files, it
tries to (like always) -lcrypt them.. and it fails
there with an exit error.. 'found 1 exit' or something.

I don't know whats wrong.. anyways, I tried setting
the #define of socklen_t in conf.h to 'int' like it
says but that didn't work either.

Any advice please.. thanks all in advance.
(p.s: I'll try and stop the profanity .. lol)
  The Mechanical Animal

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