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Date: 11/12/00

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Lord Kyu wrote:

> something that some other MUD system already does, though I'm lost as to
> which.  So many changes to make... sighs...
Well, at Chaos we've for some time have prerequisites, and that can be as
many as you like. System is quite Simple.

Take Fire strike(High level Firebased spell) as example, that one requires
you to know Hell Fire (Mid level Fire based spell). TO know hell fire, you
need to Know fireball. And to know fireball you need to know "fire".

So, a tree has been established where each spell is dependant on the one
before. Though you don't need to master it, but that's a small task.

What we did was to take the spello and add an :

int depends_upon

to the definition, also the spell_info needs a depends_upon.

In the practice special (or guildmaster, can't remember where it initially
was anymore :) we simply make a check to see if the player knows where
"depends_upon" spell. Of course deciding how well a spell should be masted
would be a matter of either having an extra field in the spello (that
tells how well it should be mastered) or simply fix it for all spells and

We made it so that skills also could be dependant on previous skills, very
nice, not that we use it :).

that's our way of doing it, works like a charm, and if you want to give a
player a gift, you can grant them the spell. Ie, give them Hell Fire and
they can practice Fire strike, even if they don't know fireball, that's
perhaps a drawback, dunno.. I'm tired :)

just my 2 cents anyway :)


Sir Alec Guinness
 - May the force be with you, Always!

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