MUD balancing

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 11/13/00

I am sure all of you will agree with me when I say that
the hardest part of building a great MUD lies with properly
balancing the MOBs, Objects and Classes.
My proposal is this:
A builder creates a new MOB in OLC.
While in OLC, the builder adds the MOBs name, short description
and long description, level and any pertinent flags that
make this MOB unique.
The builder then exists OLC and types this:
Rollmob <vnum of the MOB>
The game then checks the MOBs level and rolls its stats
(str, con, cha, exp ect.) and adds this MOB to the save list.
If the builder doesn't care for the new stats, they may
either re-roll the MOB, or edit it again and increase/decrease
its level.
Since we have NPC Classes on my MUD, we can easily decide which
MOBs get a better chance with any given stat.
For instance, a level 15 Cleric MOB _should_ have similar
stats as a PC Cleric at level 15.
I have never liked having to edit in the MOBs hitroll and
damroll, and have decided to leave that out altogether.
If the builder wishes to increase this, they should give the
MOB eq which does this for them. This insures that NPCs and
players are on a more level playing field.
I have also decided to change the combat system to give the
NPCs and PCs the same chances in a fight. Looking at do_hit
in fight.c, you can see how the game treats NPCs differently
in a combat situation.
I'm sure that I can do the same thing with objects. The builder
creates a new object, and then types Rollobj <vnum> and the
game checks the object's level (also implemented on my MUD) and
rolls the stats accordingly (damroll and hitroll applies).
The problem with objects is that no one wants every object
in the game to be exactly like every other object in the game,
therefore I will leave the other applies to the descretion
of the builder (i.e. str +/-).
Again, having a class flag on the Object insures that the
hitrolls and damrolls are properly rolled for the target level
and class.
Now in most cases, anti-class flags will not be applied to the
object, and so any player of another class will be able to use
this particular object.
I don't see that as a problem, since players can also kill MOBs
of other Classes and retrieve the objects they carried.
Which brings me to another point. If a character can defeat a
higher level MOB in combat, shouldn't they be able to use any
eq found on it's corpse? We have object level restrictions on
Euridia, and it will be interesting to try and code around this.
Anyhow, I'm dropping this to the mailing list in the hopes of
spawning a discussion about it.


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