Re: MUD balancing

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/13/00

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> A builder creates a new MOB in OLC.
> While in OLC, the builder adds the MOBs name, short description
> and long description, level and any pertinent flags that
> make this MOB unique.
> The builder then exists OLC and types this:
> Rollmob <vnum of the MOB>

Try this on for size...

The builder types `medit xxx' where xxx is the number of a new (UNUSED)
Before entering the editor, medit asks the builder for the level of the
The mob's other stats are calculated based on that level.
The builder can then tweak with the mob's other stats in OLC.
If the builder changes the level of the mob they are asked if they want
to recalculate the stats.

That is basically what I did in my MUD, it seems to work pretty well.

> I have never liked having to edit in the MOBs hitroll and
> damroll, and have decided to leave that out altogether.
> If the builder wishes to increase this, they should give the
> MOB eq which does this for them.

Often times the mob will have `built in' eq such as claws or fangs for
weapons or scales or a shell for armour.  That is the main reason to
tweak with these values, in order to allow for this.

Regards, Peter

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