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Date: 11/13/00

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Lewis, Jason wrote:

> struct have_met {
>         int  known;
>       struct have_met *next;
>       struct have_met *prev;
> }
> greet <race/sex>
> introduce <char> <vict> (will add names to both victim and char's database
> "for lac of a better term")(The person doing the introduction must have both
> characters in their database)
> describe <char> <vict> (will add char's name to vict's database without char
> being in the room)
> can anyone think of any other commands that would help make this easier to
> understand for the players?
> Also one I finish this code I will post it to Ceramic Mouse with credit
> given to any who help me and no liscense.
Ok this all looks well and good, except that you might want to skip the

have_met *prev;

Since I suspect that you'll have to check all anyway when doing who etc.
Just remember dropping it in the char_data structure for players.


int known;

I suspect refers to the ID of the player you know??
Well how about putting:

char *name;
there instead, strcmp can easily handle this and it would IMHO make the
informative code more maintenance friendly.

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