Re: [CODE] Introduction Snippet

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/13/00

"Lewis, Jason" wrote:
> I am working on a introduction code snip for Circle and need some opinions.
> First, Would a linked list be the best way to do this?
A linked list is one way to do it ande has its advantages and

> struct have_met {
>         int  known;
          ^^^ Make this a long, since player IDs are also long.

>       struct have_met *next;
>       struct have_met *prev;
        Make sure you really need prev.  This single entry will eat up a
lot of RAM.

> }
> kinda thing or is there a more memory efficient way?
Off the top of my head, I would probably use an array (not fixed length,
but allocated and reallocated using CREATE and RECREATE as needed).
Arrays are much more efficient for checking but less efficient to expand
(realloc basically has to copy the entire array to a new area of
memory).  Each player will have an array of unsigned longs (each of
which is 32 bits, and you can use each bit as a single boolean value
representing weather or not the player has been introduced).  The length
of the array should start out as top_idnum/32 + 1 size then be increased
as necessary.

Saving this to the pfile is much more difficult, if you don't use ASCII
pfiles then you will at least have to hack in something on the side to
save this info to a separate file in an ascii format.  Since the size of
the array can grow almost indefinately (well, it can grow to 256 megs
per player in its most space efficient format) it would be greatly
inefficient to use a fixed-record sized file for this as the standard
CircleMUD pfile is.

If you need some code for this then reply back to the list and I'll be
glad to help.

Regards, Peter

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