[ADMIN] Mailing List FAQ Update (Part 1)

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 11/13/00

Because a number of people have been _obviously_ not bothering to take
any effort in terms of reading the FAQ for the mailing list or even
following any of the rules contained within, I'm sending this updated
(today) version out to the mailing list so that _nobody_ has any excuse
for not knowing the rules.

Consider this a rather nasty warning that if you do not follow the rules
contained within, you will be removed from the list.

             CircleMUD Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions
                          (created July 9th, 1996)
                     (last updated November 13th, 2000)

   Authored and Maintained by: Alex Fletcher <fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca>

   Contrary to what is apparently popular belief, this FAQ just happens
   to contain the policies of the CircleMUD Mailing List.

   Herein lie the answers to the following questions:
   (Items marked with '*' are in this part of the posting)

 * Q1:  What is the CircleMUD mailing list about? How do I post an
 * Q2:  How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the list?
 * Q3:  Are there any subject conventions I should follow?
 * Q4:  What other conventions should I follow?
 * Q5:  Why all of these rules on how to format messages?
   Q6:  Is there an archive?
   Q7:  Are there any resource archives for the mailing list?
   Q8:  How often are articles processed? How are they processed? How
        about a digest?
   Q9:  What other things should I know?
   Q10: I hate the flames, what can I do?
   Q11: Where can I find this FAQ?
   Q12: What is the history of this FAQ?

   Q1: What is the CircleMUD mailing list about? How do I post an
          The CircleMUD mailing list is for CircleMUD implementors and
          administrators to gather together to discuss coding techniques,
          ideas, methods, and solutions, as well as other CircleMUD
          related discussions such as lib related items (the world, help
          files, etc), changes needed for Operating Systems, bugs and
          problems, and so forth.
          Common netiquette rules apply on the list, especially those
          related to flaming, advertising, quoting, slang, and large sig
          files. Flames are not welcome on the list itself. If you feel
          the need to flame someone, please send it to them only.
          Commercial advertising is also not welcome on the list. If you
          feel the need to advertise your mud, start the subject with
          [AD]. When quoting previous pieces of mail, only quote what is
          needed, do not quote the entire message, that just wastes
          bandwidth and the readers' time. Also, sig files should be kept
          to a minimum. This means less than four lines please. Finally,
          discussions on the use of the English language are no longer
          welcome (ditto for calling people Hitler), and these 'offenses'
          will result a removal from the list with a piece of form mail
          explaining why.
          To post an article, simply send it to: <circle@post.queensu.ca>

   Q2: How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the Mailing list?
          To subscribe to the mailing list send a message to
          listserv@post.queensu.ca with any subject and the message body
          should be simply subscribe circle <first name> <last name>.
          Subscription attempts from system accounts (ie 'root',
          'postmaster', etc) will be ignored.
          To unsubscribe from the list send a message to
          <listserv@post.queensu.ca> with the words unsubscribe circle as
          the message body.
          DO NOT send subscription/unsubscription requests to the list in
          general. There are hundereds of people on the list, and it will
          only irritate a ton of people who have no power to remove you
          from the list.
          If you have any problems, please contact
          Remember, posting on the list is a privilege. It is suggested
          that you lurk for a while to get a gist of how things work on
          the list. Reading the list archives can also be very useful.

   Q3: Are there any subject conventions I should follow?
          First of all, please include a subject on ALL of your CircleMUD
          mailing list mail. This subject should be a BRIEF summary of
          the message sent.
          Second, as noted above, there are some subject conventions that
          are often followed on the mailing list so that people can
          choose what they want to read.

                This should be used for Mud Advertisments and the like.
                This header should be used when discussing administration
                methods and ideas for muds.
                This should preface an article that is generally about a
                piece of code, either release, or one that has a bug in
                This is more of an administrative use, but can also be
                used to inform people of a new code release, change on
                the FTP site, or some other piece of interesting
                This header should be used when discussing the db part of
                CircleMUD, including, but not limited to, the world.
                This should preface a 'dumb question', or one that you
                think has an obvious answer but is eluding you.
                This header should be used when discussing Role-Playing
                ideas for CircleMUDs.
                This header should be used when discussing various
                operating system needs and changes. This header can be
                further expanded into SYSTEM-WIN95, SYSTEM-LINUX, etc.
          Note that you do not need to put the [Circle] tag on your mail
          as it will be added by the remailer. You are welcome to suggest
          other subject prefaces.

   Q4: What other conventions should I follow?
        - Read the CircleMUD FAQ before posting to the list, your
          question may already be answered in there.
        - In short: No more than 80 columns wide, and only use 7bit
          ASCII. If you are posting from a country/language which uses
          "special" characters, such as with umlauts or other diacritical
          marks, then please ensure that your mailer properly MIME wraps
          them. Most modern mailers will do this properly.
        - MIME, HTML, RichText and similar are discouraged. This includes
          "vcard" attachments from Netscape mail and similar. Small MIME
          attachments, such as a graphic used to illustrate a point
          discussed in the text of a message, are acceptable. The guiding
          rule is that the brunt of the value of a message must always be
          in the text.
        - Use a bit of common sense when quoting. Include enough of the
          original message to make sense; no more or less. Avoid quoting
          an entire post with a one line reply (one line replies are
        - Sending large pieces of mail is counter productive. Don't do
        - It is not necessary to PGP-sign your posts.
        - Stick to CircleMUD topics. Discussing non-CircleMUD topics such
          as how to flood a machine with 'ping' requests is off topic for
          the list.
        - If you still must make an offtopic posting to the list, at
          least include an 'ObCircle:' section containing something
          related to CircleMUD. This means 'Obligatory CircleMUD Related

   Q5: Why all of these rules on how to format messages?
          Simply: More signal, less noise. Per the list owner, each of
          the rules and guidelines are things that he has seen help keep
          a mailing list on track, help maintain mutual respect among the
          members, and help keep the discussions focused and useful.
          By a high signal to noise ratio, the following is meant:
          The noisy postings include messages which essentially say "I
          agree!" and add no extra value, or those that do not relate to
          the purpose of the list (like what you had for dinner, how your
          code/world clearly superior to all others in existence and why
          language such and such is better than such and such). Try to
          keep on topic and you won't go wrong.

[Continued in Part 2]

     | Ensure that you have read the CircleMUD Mailing List FAQ:  |
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