Re: [CODE] Saving Pets

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 11/14/00

> etc, etc. Especially if you have ASCII pfiles.

First I have to get one the ACSII snippets to work :)  Big problem there..
If I understood what they were doing I'd write my own but...

> Then add PetHP: <num>, PetMa: <num>, PetEx: <num>, etc
> If none of these are read in then the mob is default, otherwise

If you limited them to 1 pet you could do this with binary files..  If
they can have unlimited pets (like in stock) then this is near impossible
unlease you create a zero array of X pets where X is the max a person can
have..  That would be bad for RAM...

If I get this ASCII patch to compile I might try what your saying,  if not
I'll limit their pets and put that in anyway :)


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