[CODE] Saving Pets

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 11/13/00

I know this has come up before (I did my homework) but I was thinking of
something and wanted to run it by the list to see if anyone thinks it
would work (and/or why it wouldn't)

1. add follower_type to char_file_u (take out of char_data)
2. In char_to_store write a routine that parses folower_type and takes out
any non-NPCs
3. Save character..

On Load:

1. Load all mobs (through thier rnum saved in folower_type) to same room
as character
2. AFF_CHARM mobs (since they will be new ones for now..)
3. Make sure mobs are following character.

The drawbacks I see to this is that (1) it will load a new pet everytime,
so if your pets gain exp/hp/or anything else they will be reset.  (2)not
sure...  8-P

Ideas, thoughts, critisim?

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