Re: [NEWBIE] Circle Score Bug

From: Corey Biles (
Date: 11/13/00

Patrick Dughi wrote:

> >   Basically, the buffer behaves differently for score than for other
> > commands...when i type it, it will display the last line of text shown
> > as the first line of the score sheet, be it mob name/desc, room text,
> > etc.  If I hit score a second or multiple times, it will cumulatively
> > add score sheets (so the second time, i get 2 more score sheets for a
> > total of three, the point that the mud crashes).
>         Okay. First, this isn't a stock bug.  It's your bug.  You made it.

Ummm. Maybe not. It's not a stock bug, but...
I had problems with this as well. Took me a bit to remember what was the
culprit. If you download the from you will
find in act.informative.c, under ACMD(do_score), a line that reads:
sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "You are a %d year old %d.", GET_AGE(ch) ,

Needless to say, it's wrong. Personally, I changed it back to stock.  ie:
sprintf(buf, "You are %d years old.", GET_AGE(ch));

That took care of the race problem and the buffer "bug".

Hope this helps,
Corey Biles

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