Re: [NEWBIE] Circle Score Bug

From: Scott Davis (
Date: 11/15/00

I too had the same problems with the Win98 zip of bpl17 here's how I
fixed them.

> The first bug was with say.

Copy the original DO_SAY from the raw bpl17 - easy enough

>very easy fix. The second was with displaying the race
>on the score sheet as the original number instead of a
>word, which i took care of with an if statement.

>The third bug has me absolutely stumped, and everyone else
>I've asked to look at it hits the same wall.
>  Basically, the buffer behaves differently for score
>than for other commands...

The second and third problems are in fact all part of the same
problem.  Who ever did the addition of Races to the code didn't do it
very well.

in act.infomative.c add these three externals at the top of your

extern const char *pc_class_types[];
extern const char *pc_race_types[];
extern const char *genders[];

then in the DO_SCORE function the first thing I did was clear the

  sprintf(buf, "\r\n");

then made my sprintf statement read like this...

  sprintf(buf + strlen(buf),"%s: You are a %d year old %s %s %s. Your
level is %d."
  , GET_NAME(ch)
  , GET_AGE(ch)
  , genders[(int)GET_SEX(ch)]
  , pc_race_types[(int)GET_RACE(ch)]
  , pc_class_types[(int)GET_CLASS(ch)]
  ,  GET_LEVEL(ch));

lastly the line that read ...
send_to_char(buf, ch);
I commented fine...

something to keep in mind with this codebase release...there is also
an error in DO_SET - the "race" addition is in the wrong position
throwing everything off.

make sure that this line...

   { "race",   LVL_GRGOD,      PC,     MISC },

comes just before this line...

   { "\n", 0, BOTH, MISC }

as it stands in the release its way up in the middle of definition
somewhere and since this is done in a case statement if that line is
not in the right place everything will be thrown off by one.  Hope
this post helps and I hope I don't get kicked off the list for errant


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