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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/16/00

> > About AI: AI is pretty limited as it is at the moment. MUDs with
> > NPCs at the moment seem pretty lifeless, because most NPCs simply
> > stand there, unmoving.
> >
> > I was thinking of implementing AI based on the following. The first
> > implementation will be (egoistic as I am) for my MUD, i.e. incompatible
> > with Circle. However, I think I'll then make a patch for Circle.
> >
> > The basic AI for villagers as I planned is based on:
> >
> > - day/night cycle
> > - has 4 'waypoints'
> >   + sleep room
> >   + live room
> >   + work room
> >   + relax room
> >
> > - accompanying the rooms are echos to display
> You could probably implement the "Eliza" AI system into mobs pretty easily,
> the AI bot itself has already been ported to run in *nix perl systems.
> The downside being that you would have to have the root install all of the
> perl libraries necessary.  But Eliza would definitely give the bots some
> semblence of a life.
        Better to do keyword matching than just another eliza bot.  Check
for good ideas. Funny enough, MUSH's tend to have the most well developed
AI-simulating programs out there.  Considering most of them are written in
a(n extensive) script language, that's pretty impressive.  Though, in this
case, toei_rei is written in perl.  Toei uses a seperate socket connection
to communicate with the mud via a pipe, it would be just as easy to
integrate perl directly with the mud code base so you don't have the
overhead of loading.  Sides, there are potential advantages to integrating
perl directly into your mud environment.

        A link to the source code is included in that article - however -
it is invalid.  You may wish to mail the author.

        Also, if you enjoy pain and defeat, you can find a copy of a patch
I put out at one time for 'path' editing.  It was my attempt to make
characters behave more or less like they do in ultima - a time based
system.  In essense, each mob could be given a set of paths defined by
room waypoints.  They would use the track code to walk towards the
waypoint as best as they could, unless another waypoint was activated.  It
also allowed the ability to run a command at a given time.

        So, you could give the command 'wake' at 6 am, then track to the
armory at 6:01. Track to the pub and back to the armory between 12:00pm
and 1:00 pm ... emote some eating messages in that period too.

        When I finally got it working on my system, I was able to
reproduce the mayor spec_proc code pretty handily.  However, the patch
that was released was not very shipshape.  I still have the list of
George's suggestions on how to whip it around, but I believe heavy work
would need to be done to integrate it with oasis now (was originally ment
to work with oasis).

        Maybe I'll dig that up next year sometime and polish it.


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