From: Christian Loth (
Date: 11/15/00

About AI: AI is pretty limited as it is at the moment. MUDs with
NPCs at the moment seem pretty lifeless, because most NPCs simply
stand there, unmoving.

I was thinking of implementing AI based on the following. The first
implementation will be (egoistic as I am) for my MUD, i.e. incompatible
with Circle. However, I think I'll then make a patch for Circle.

The basic AI for villagers as I planned is based on:

- day/night cycle
- has 4 'waypoints'
  + sleep room
  + live room
  + work room
  + relax room

- accompanying the rooms are echos to display

This is not very much, I agree, but it brings a bit more of life into
the world and is pretty generic.

However, due to time constraints, ETA of a patch will not be before
next year :( (yeah, hate myself for having to work instead of MUDding ;) )

- Chris
(looking for a way to recover from heart attacks)

Christian Loth
Coder of 'Project Gidayu'
Computer Science Student, University of Dortmund -

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