From: Steve (
Date: 11/14/00

hi, i have a problem that i just can't figure out. ok when 
i type autorun everything botts up fine until it get to the
section where it loads up mobs and i get this error ov 14 17:41:09 :: SYSERR: Warning: unrecognized espec keyword E^M in mob #1002
Nov 14 17:41:09 :: SYSERR: Unterminated E section in mob #1002
i've traced down the probalem that all of my E mobs have this problem
i've looked them over,typed them over and i still get the same error.
i can't see anything wrong with them so heres mob 1002 and i'm hoping that
someone can help me.THANKS!
Herb Decker~
Herb Decker is here polishing shoes.
blah blah blah description
mglac g 200 E
290 0 -10 1d1+2000 20d20+200
1000 3000
8  8  1
BareHandAttack: 6

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