Re: NEWBIE: interpreter.c

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/14/00

> >>  You can add the abbreviation code which is both
> >>posted on this list (in archives), as well as in snippet/patch form >>on
> the
> >>ftp site.
> >>
> >>                                                PjD
> I have noticed you have refered everyone to this many time's I guess you are
> probobly tired of hearing the same questions:)

        Naw, I'll write a huffy reponse when I'm actually tired of the
questions - I'm pretty easygoing normally.  If anyone was even remotely
curious, I recommend that if you have an idea question that you search the
archives, then wtfaq, and perhaps even altavista first.  It shouldn't take
you any more time than it does to write an email to verify if you even had
to bother to write it in the first place.

        Lotsa times, you don't have to bother :)


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