Re: NEWBIE: interpreter.c

From: Angus51 (
Date: 11/16/00

From: "Klaus Fiorentini" <klausgf@TERRA.COM.BR>
> Hi all,
>   Why i could type "k new" and most MUDs try to find a "new"+any string in
> the room my character is present and my stock bpl17 version don't? Is
> a new interpreter.c or it is some kind of config i could make on my own
> stock version?
>   Thanks!

Hello. I'm a newbie in coding circle (i'm also a newbie in english :-((
I have the same problem, but i can't include snippet abbrev.
So i try to comment && !isalpha(*curname))  in isname() fuction in
and it works!!!!
i don't see any bug (or i change another thing, i don't remember...)

Have phun

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