Re: [CODE][ERROR] error C2039: '_fileno' : is not a member of '_iobuf'

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 11/16/00

> _fileno's to _file's  then search through diskio.c for
> places where strlen(x)s are malloc()'d and change it
> to strlen(x) + 1
> This should solve all the problems.

not quite, it turned out my problems where with some called free() that
tried to fre FBFILE pointers.  So what am I doing about it?  HOnestly I'm
rewriting the ASCII pfiles 2 patch with refreance to the released Windows
version, I liked the *x file format better since I thought it was more
customizable (I guess that's the best word for it..)

I'm hoping to finish sometime tonight but we will see..


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