[CODE][ERROR] error C2039: '_fileno' : is not a member of '_iobuf'

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 11/14/00

Sorry about the long subject but I figured it'd give people the best idea
of what this messsage is about.  First the specs:

Compiler: MS Visual C++
System: Windows 98SE

Circle 3.0 pl 17
Oasis 2.0
ASCII Player Files
(circlebpl17-OasisAsciiHedit.zip is what I got from ftp site)

Anyway I unziped and switched the conf.h to conf.h.old and made conf.h.win
to conf.h, after that I compiled and got about 5 or 6 error.  Mostly it
dealt with the line about.  I looked at the definition of _iobuf and the
closest it had was _file and when I changed to that the MUD crashed after
class selection.  Needless to say I am lost as lost can be.

The MUD crashes at one of 2 lines:
  err = fstat(fl->_fileno, &sb);
  errnum = fstat(fromfile->_fileno, &sb);

Any ideas, help?

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