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From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 11/19/00

Hey everyone,

As I stated before, I'm going to begin work on translating CircleMUD to the
Java language, but I was wondering in advance if people have books they'd
suggest for Java programming in regards to telnet/protocol servers.

Since nobody was interested in helping a direct CircleMUD to Java
translation, I'm actually going to modify a lot of how it works.  I just
like the cleanliness of CircleMUD, and want to follow suit with its design
model.  Besides, after programming CircleMUDs for so long, I think just
about any MUD I'd write would suffer "CircleMUD code bias"--a mental
derivative of CircleMUD (that means I'll tack on the CircleMUD license,
if/when I distribute).

One of the things I want to do once I have CircleMUD in Java is take
advantage of the inheritance properties of OOP.  I can make a world formed
upon a grid, with objects occupying space--and these objects can be
buildings, walls, people, weapons, anything.  Dynamic generation of
descriptions based on relative locations to grid elements, etc, would make a
new sort of world, and it's now my primary reason for recoding.

Anyway, I'm taking any suggestions, but if you make a reply to the list,
make sure your message complies with the rules of the list!  Messages that
violate the FAQ are annoying, and a certain furry Canadian list admin will
smite you for it.


I think what I said was relevant to CircleMUD, but if it wasn't relevant
enough, here's a little more--

A lot of the posts here on the list are starting to come through like:
My AEDIT doesn't work.

I have CircleMUD 3.0 bpl 14 and Oasis OLC.

Just thought I'd emphasize that the above message really doesn't say enough
to diagnose any problems you might be having.  Well, sometimes it _does_,
but I at least am not big on responding to them, because the ones that can
be solved with such little information are reiterated in the list archives
over and over.

I suggest a "list holiday" for a day or a weekend sometime, where, when
people want to find information, they'll only be able to rely on the
archives for that day/weekend.  Just about every question asked can be
answered in there, anyway.

I'm pretty sure I've read the entire list archive between the amount of time
I've been subscribed to the list, and the times I've been researching.
Sometimes you find interesting stuff, which is great considering there
aren't maintained "snippets" anymore[1].


1 - At least, not in its original incarnation and form.  They're all
submitted, so you won't catch an "idea" or a light code framework that's
been posted to the list if you check  :-)

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