Re: [NEWBIE] Aff flags show to players?

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 11/29/00

You will find the void show_obj_to_char() function in act.informative.c
Here, mess around and try to see if you can switch the messages the
way you want them for objects.
In the same file, find the void list_one_char() function. Look it over
and see if you can get it to look the way you want it to also.
I can't tell you exactly how to do this, since I haven't done it
and I'm not sure how the game would react to you switching the modes
around in void show_obj_to_char(). I can't forsee any problems just
looking at the code, but then again, I'm not a very advanced coder. I
would have to experiment with it before I could say EXACTLY how to do
this. Hopefully, I've pointed you in the right direction, and you
be able to figure it out for yourself, which is the best way to learn

Y'ur Obt. Svt,

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