Enlightened MOB

From: Alex Mann (alex4501@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/30/00


I have been working on a summoning spell, which summons a mob which will
follow a player around, and light up the area like a lantern, but i want it
to act like a lantern so that it also lights the area for other players.
What I have done so far is this:

I set up the spell which summons the mob fine.
I set up the MOB flag for lanternmob.
I put a check in simple move that if a mob with the lantern flag enters the
room then light++; and in the exit room stuff i added the same but light--;.

Now here are my problems:
Firstly for some reasons my PRF and MOB flags are showing up as UNDEFINED
where abouts is the code which names the flags I thought it was constants.c
but obviously not.

Secondly it just doesn't work, the mob doesn't light the room, i have tried
moving about and such like but no light. Any ideas?

Cheers for the help
naryan.orisis.net 4445

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