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From: russ brown (
Date: 11/30/00

From: Alex Mann <alex4501@HOTMAIL.COM>

>I have been working on a summoning spell, which summons a mob which will
>follow a player around, and light up the area like a lantern, but i want it
>to act like a lantern so that it also lights the area for other players.

Even if you get the light-mob flag to work correctly, there  is still a
basic flaw in your
strategy: If the light-bearing mob FOLLOWS you into a room the room will
still be
dark when you first walk in and will not be lighted until the following mob
enters the
room. Now, stock circle will not notify you of the change in light statis so
you will have
to type look to see the room after the mob has entered with its light.  To
see how
this works, load up two characters, have the second follow the first and
give the
second a lantern. As the first character walks around he will still be in
the dark.

Also have you considered just giving your mob an actual lantern instead of
up a special flag?

Russ Brown
Walker of Mosaic

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