Re: [Circle] world questions

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/02/00

        If anyone's curious why I didn't immediately realize that the room
99999 thing was the end of file marker, it's cause I'm not looking at the
code.  Doing a bit of writing for what's going to be a non-diku/circle
licenced piece of software that will eventually read the circle/diku world
files, and it wouldn't be sporting to do otherwise.

        Incidentally, stock circle, zone 50, room 5040, the second exit
(D2) which is pointed at 5041 with no door has an _extra space_ after the
second tilde.  Normally this tilde would represent the end of name of the
door/exit in that direction.

        My read-until-tilde function caused the load procedure to throw a
warning there, but it's working now :)

        Uh. Don't even bother 'fixing' that :P

        Seriously :P


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