Re: [NEWBIE] Exp limit?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/02/00

> I reset all the limits I could find to 1bil xp, but no
> matter what I do, characters cannot get past 100mil xp
> (or rather, 99,999,999).  My mud uses xp as payment
> for
> clan functions and suchlike, so it's necessary to have
> either a large limit, or no limit at all.
        It's odd that you should stick at this number.  My guesses are
that you placed some sort of artifical limit in there.  As far as exp,
it's an int, so you may also want to increase that, depending.  It's - to hold 2^31 (or 2^32 if unsigned).  Either way, 100 mil
shouldn't be an issue.

> It should also be noted that if I set a mortal char's
> xp beyond the 100mil cap, it DOES save the value.  The
> only problem is that once players get to 100mil, they
> no longer get xp for killing a mob.

        You might want to check your level table.  Believe it or not, the
thing that stops mortals from becoming immortals is at least partially
rooted in the experience required per level.  If you are mortal, you're
not allowed to gain any more than the lowest amount it takes to become an


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