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Date: 12/05/00

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From: Surgeon <webremedies@HOME.COM>
>cast 'identify'
>cast 'identify' sword
>Okay.   <- No luck, doesn't seem to find the object or something,
>anyone experienced anything similiar?
>dunno if cast 'identify' target works either, but chars seemed to work
>fine so im guessing so, but objects thats a whole diff. story.

You are most likely going to have to figure this out for yourself. Why?
Because in stock circle identify is set up as a non castable spell.
It was originally only intended to be used on magic items like scrolls
or wands, not actually cast by players.  If you have just plopped the
stock identify code into your modified mud, there could be any number
of things wrong. I suggested going through all the steps you would
take to create an entirely new spell to make sure that identify has
everything it needs to be cast by a player.  Also make sure that the
spell number in spells.h is in the range for castable spells, ie lower

Russ Brown

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