Re: [NEWBIE] Adding Object flags

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/06/00

> I know the answer to this question is going to be obvious but I can't find
> it. Does anyone know where I can find docs on how to add Object flags?

        I don't believe there are specific docs on this, but it isn't too
hard.  Do the following:

go to constants.c, and find the array of strings that gives the object
flag names.  Add an entry on the bottom for yours.  If you already have
32, you must do something else (look up 128 bitvectors).

go to structs.h and add the object flag define to the end of the object
flags - increment by one of course.

if you have oasis or some other OLC, go into the header file which keeps
the NUM_OF_OBJECT_FLAGS (or something like that) and increment it by one.

        That should be it. :)

        Course, then you have to _Do_ something with em.

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